The new era of digital economy presents a new economy model - BC2BC

Bringing together blockchain and referral systems, we provide business solutions that improve scalability and accessibility to any businesses.

Creating and developing multi-level promotion and distribution system, we open access to limitless business opportunities for everyone.

Advice marketing

International distribution and promotion network based on blockchain

Smart Utility Tokens

Tokenized products and services available at exclusive prices and with unique business options

BCG live

Online professional training and automated distribution system


Is where you can create, launch and promote your own startup projects


Vacationing and working abroad, unique bonus gifts and a business environment that emits success

For our partners

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For businesses

For businesses

Digital marketplace, not limited by physical boundaries

Automated promotion and distribution channel

Outsourced international sales teams

New generation of customers

Who are personally interested in your business’s development

IT department

A team of highly qualified IT professionals and blockchain developers

Business tokenization

Developing the business logic for tokens and token emission


BCGTO tokens allow everyone to access tokenized products and services, offered by various vendors at exclusive prices

Why do I need this?


Smart Get income by using blockchain and the business logic
of partner companies

Utility Use tokenized goods and services, offered by our partners

We have made careful selection of partner companies and smooth integration of their products and services into our system a priority. We aim at real, interesting projects. We only pick best of the best.


Blockchain is now a solid presence in our everyday life and the world is on the verge of yet another technological break-through


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